Welcome to Bet365 Free Bet Matched Betting Tutorial

Bet365 offer a Free Bet to all existing customers: Bet365 will give a 100% bonus up to £50 to new and existing customers that place their first bet using a mobile or tablet.

The promotion is available only to players in Austria, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Greenland, Iceland, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

Free Bet offers are for existing customers only. Make sure you have already completed the sign up offer for Bet365 before proceeding with any Existing Customer promotions.

This particular promotion requires that bets are placed through mobile devices.

Log Into Your Bet365 and Betting Exchange Accounts

Top up your betting account balance, if needed, using your preferred payment method and then it's time to turn your Free Bet promotion into easy cash.

Bet365 Account

If you don't have an account with Bet365 yet, click here to open one and make an initial deposit using your preferred payment method.

Once you've activated your Bet365 account, log in and change your odds display to decimal for easy comparison with the exchange odds.

If you have received an email with a promotional code, make sure to enter it in the member section of your Bet365 account.

Betting Exchange Accounts

If you are just starting out choose Betfair, then as your bankroll increases open at least another one between Matchbook, Smarkets or BetDAQ.

For the beginner offers, we recommend you deposit around £200, although you can get away with as little as £60-80 doing one offer at the time.