How to Use the Matched Betting Calculator

The Matched Betting Calculator can be used to calculate the lay bet's stake and liability for the most common types of matched bets.

Start by selecting the matched bet type by clicking on the bet names in the first row of the calculator. Then enter the back stake and back odds, followed by the lay odds and commission for the betting exchange. The MB Calculator will show you the recommended lay stake and liability.

A unique feature of this calculator is the ability to modify the lay stake on the fly. This is very useful when on a betting exchange market there isn't enough liquidity available to cover your desired back amount. Should this happen, just enter the amount available into the lay stake field to update the back amount. You should then round that down to the nearest non-suspicious amount and re-enter. The lay stake will update accordingly.

The calculator also allows you to lock the back stake and then adjust the lay stake. This allows you to set custom underlays and overlays. Clicking the Advanced button will also show you the stakes required for the optimal under and over lays (this will only work if the back stake isn't locked).

Video Tutorial