If you have been matched betting for some time and completed all the major sign up offers, it’s now time to start making money from reloads and special offers.

Your main concern at this stage will be to maintain your betting accounts open and unrestricted.

With some of the larger betting accounts worth up to £200 per month in profit, it’s well worth putting some effort and investing some time to try and and keep your accounts in good order.

Following is a list of DOs and DON’T DOs that should help you fly your betting accounts under the bookmaker radar and avoid being identified as a matched bettor.


Mug betting
Allocate part of your profits from matched betting to place regular mug bets on markets and events that have no attached promotion or offer.
The best way to define a mug bet is as a bet that a recreational punter would place with no consideration for value whatsoever. To learn more about mug bets, see our tutorial on mug betting.