Welcome Mums! You’re no doubt here wondering what this whole Matched Betting thing is that you’ve been hearing about. You’re a bit worried – put off by the name – and thinking that the whole thing just sounds a bit dodgy. It sounds like a scam, and it sounds like gambling.

So, let me help by clearing up what it is, why it’s not as dodgy as it seems and why you still need to be careful.

What is Matched Betting (and why should Mums care) ?

At its simplest, Matched Betting is a technique to exploit the marketing promotions of bookmakers. They offer special deals to draw in new (and existing) customers. This technique is a trick that allows you to take advantage of the deal, without the bookmakers taking advantage of you.

In order to extract the promotional cash you DO have to place bets. This can be scary! You’ll need to use the bookmakers websites and you’ll need to get everything right. If you make a mistake, you can ending up losing money. But if you do it correctly – following the instructions to the letter – then you can’t lose. The bet isn’t a real bet – it’s just a hoop you have to jump through to meet the conditions of the promotion.

Why should Mums care? Well, if you’re a stay-at-home Mum with a bit of spare time during the day (not a given if you have small kids!) then you can use that spare time to make yourself a reasonable bit of extra cash. This won’t make you a fortune. But an extra £10-£50 quid a day? Perfectly possible.

This sounds like a scam! What’s in it for you?

Good question! If this is a way of making free money then why am I sharing it? Why don’t I just use the free money machine for myself? Well, you can’t make a fortune from this and it doesn’t scale up. So instead of making £50 a day matched betting, the theory is that I can make more by providing matched betting assistance and creating a successful website. (That’s still just a theory at the moment though!) Please see our funding disclaimer in the terms for more info on this.

Why do I still need to be careful?

Matched Betting isn’t for everyone. The concept can be a little tricky to get your head around. You have to make time for it every day, and you’ll often find yourself repeatedly checking the internet during the day. You can make mistakes, and you can lose money. It’s not for everyone.

Who does it suit?

  • People who are technically minded
  • People who are good at following instructions and not jumping ahead
  • People who like maths
  • People who get excited about taking advantage of a loophole

Who doesn’t it suit?

  • People who live in the US
  • People who find websites confusing
  • People whose brains get tied in knots over complicated theories
  • People with no patience

Still interested? These are your next steps

You still here? OK, then this is what to do next:

Step 1 – Get reading!
We have lots of beginners’ tutorials to read here on the site. Read them all! You need to be sure you understand the concept 100% before you dive in. Here are a couple to get started on:

Step 2- Get Watching!
We have a video tutorial here on the Quick Matcher, that gives you a nice visual example of performing a matched bet:

Step 3 – Get Started!
Just to make things even easier for you, we have a step-by-step, hold-your-hand walkthough on how to complete your first few bets:

Any questions?

If you have any questions then please just add them in at the comments section on the bottom of this page (you'll have to register here for free first) or on our forum. We'll be very happy to hear from you!