What could go wrong with matched betting?

A lot of matched betting sites would like you to believe that matched betting is risk free and while if you do everything correctly, it is mathematically certain that you will profit from bookmaker offers using the matched betting technique, human errors and other causes not under our control could make the entire process go belly up.

Read our guide to matched betting risks to learn more about common mistakes and other causes that may lead to matched betting losses.

Human errors include depositing using a non permitted payment method or from a country where the promotion is not available or claim a promotion after it already expired. All these are valid reasons for the bookmaker to not award you the bonus or free bet. These issues can be avoided by reading through the promotion’s terms and conditions. Never rely just on the promotion terms available on third party sites, but always refer to the most recent version of the promotion requirements published on the bookmaker website.

Other human errors include placing a bet on the wrong market or for the wrong amount. Read our tutorial to learn how to offset a wrong bet, keeping in consideration that placing your bets with enough time before an event starts means you are likely to have time to solve issues,  should you have to. Another human error is placing a bet on a market with rules that vary from the bookmaker to the exchange (for example football match abandonment and tennis player retirement rules may vary greatly from site to site).

Causes not under player control that could lead to losses from matched betting include fly-by-night bookmakers that disappear with player deposits and winnings or a legitimate bookmaker not authorizing your withdrawal because they could not verify your identity. We cannot highlight strongly enough that you need to use your real personal details when opening a betting account and always make sure to have access to copies of your identification documents (passport, driver’s license and national ID) as well as recent utility bills connected to the address you used when signing up. If you don’t have any utility bill in your name, be aware that you will be required to provide other documents.

Last but not least: technical issues. Losing the internet connection or problems with your computer, although rare, happen. Once again if the start of the event is hours away, you will have time to sort out any problem.

Especially if you are new to matched betting and want to avoid common problems new players experience, we recommend you to