The best customer service, a nice price and plenty of added tools all for free make this a Profit Accumulator beater, and an essential choice for matched bettors - The MB Team

Welcome to our in-depth review of the OddsMonkey, the matched betting software and services provider. Now, let's get this out of the way first: Here are, we provide a basic version of everything that OddsMonkey does, for free. Our software doesn't have as many bookies, we don't have as many tutorials and our forum isn't as extensive. But we're great on the basics, and if that's all you need then head no further than our account registry page. Still here? Well, that probably means you need a more advanced matched betting service. Is OddsMonkey the one for you? Well, let's dive in and find out.

What is OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey is the creator of the original Oddsmatcher, the matched betting software that at one time or another powered most of the matched betting services on the net (and probably still does). In 2016, OddsMonkey relaunched offering a subscription based matched betting service that helps both newbies and experienced players make money from bookmaker, casino and bingo offers.

How does OddsMonkey describe itself?

We are a crack team of software developers and experienced Matched Bettors, dedicated to helping you earn a sustainable, tax-free income every month.

OddsMonkey Guides and Tutorials


OddsMonkey offers 6 beginner guides, including an intro to matched betting, a Betfair tutorial, an Oddsmatcher tutorial, how to understand liability and two bookmaker sign up offers (Coral and BetFred at the time of writing) that show users how to make an estimated £45.


Subscribers can choose from a vast selection of training guides that include reload offers (horse racing, football, casino), accumulator betting, general tips as well as guides to OddsMonkey’s own tools. All training guides appear to be simple and easy to follow and they all include examples and tips.


We counted over 45 videos covering new and existing account offers, a couple of casino offers, several advanced techniques and especially all OddsMonkey tools.

OddsMonkey Tools


“The UK's favourite matched betting software,” the Oddsmatcher compares odds from 80 bookmakers with odds from 4 betting exchanges to find the best matches in 10 different sports, allowing both newbies and more experienced matched bettors alike to complete all kind of offers by finding the best matched bets.

Odds Matcher
The Odds Matcher Software

Other options on the Oddsmatcher include filters for sports, markets, bookmakers and exchanges, the ability to disable bookmakers and to set up 6 active alerts. And now subscribers can lay their bets on Betfair with just one click.

It’s definitely the best odds matcher software on the market, although using it for sign up offers can be tricky as players typically end up all betting on the same event, leaving a clear footprint for bookmakers to profile a player account for matched betting.


OddsMonkey Calculator is a standard matched betting calculator used to determine the laying stake and expected profit.

Racing Matcher

The Racing Matcher is a pre-filtered version of the classic Oddsmatcher, showing only odds matches for horse races that have offers available that day.

Tennis Matcher

The Tennis Matcher works like the Racing Matcher, but only when a tennis grand slam tournament is on.

Eachway Matcher

The Eachway Matcher calculates the expected value of each way bets identifying the races and horses that present a profitable opportunity to make money from each way arbing.

Each way arbing is the process backing a horse each way and then laying the win and place parts separately on a betting exchange.

OddsMonkey recommends the use of the Eachway Matcher for placing bets on accounts that have been excluded from participating in offers, but are not limited from betting on horse racing events.

Dutch Matcher

The Dutch Matcher is a dutching calculator that finds odds matches between different bookmakers rather than a bookmaker and a betting exchange.

Extra Place Matcher

The Extra Place Matcher finds the best matches to profit from extra place offers in horse racing and golf.

Acca Builder

The Acca Builder allows members to build their own accumulators calculating the expected value of each one, choosing between different methods of accumulator betting: no lay, lay at start, lay sequential, lay sequential (lock in profit).

Once a matched bettor has completed all sign up offers, accas become the bread and butter of matched betting. So having a tool that saves time calculating stakes and liabilities is super important.

Acca Finder

The Acca Finder allows members to maximize their profits on acca offers choosing from pre-built accumulators. Just like every other tool that recommends specific events and bets, the risk of a footprint is high when lots of players from the same community place the exact same bets.

Profit Tracker

As the name suggests, the Profit Tracker allows members to keep track of betting profit and losses with a single click for bets placed from within OddsMonkey tools or just few clicks for manual bets, much faster than with time consuming spreadsheets.

Daily Offer Calendar

Although not a software, the Daily Offer Calendar is extremely useful for players that do the daily offers as it easily identifies the ones available on any given day.

Please remember that most of these tools are not for newbies, but for more experienced matched bettors. Don’t expect to be able to use them without committing some time to become familiar with each of them. We recommend you test them using small stakes until you are comfortable that you completely understand what they do. These tools can then help you place regular bets in between promotions to maintain your betting accounts in a good status, but remember to avoid taking too many arbs or your account will be restricted even faster that if you just bet on promotions.

OddsMonkey Offers

Sign up

OddsMonkey have a list of around 60 sign-up offers from UK bookmakers for members to work through and get used to matched betting.


Oddsmonkey has a page dedicated to offers for existing customers (reloads) with options to sort them by bookmaker name, guaranteed profit and value, date added, start time, offer rating and profit. Unfortunately not all reload offers available at any one time are listed on OddsMonkey.

Casino & Bingo

OddsMonkey has a good selection of casino offers, mainly free spins and risk free offers, and some bingo ones.

Oddsmonkey Training
The Oddsmonkey Training Section

Please be advised that not all casino offers are profitable and only the ones with favorable wagering requirements are worth doing. Even then, there is no guarantee that a profit will be made as the variance involved means that on the same offer a player can end up losing his deposit and bonus while another wins a jackpot.

The Oddsmonkey Forum and Customer Service

Although smaller in terms of total members compared to Profit Accumulator, the OddsMonkey Community appears to be as active if not more active than Profit Accumulator Platinum Forum, with staff, moderators and lots of regular members engaging in the discussions and sharing tips about offers and strategies.

The Oddsmonkey Forum
The Oddsmonkey Forum

OddsMonkey Customer Service

OddsMonkey Support Team is available via email and messaging system. Recently they started offering the option to book a 30-minute 1-to-1 phone call.

The OddsMonkey Bottom Line

The best customer service in matched betting, a very acceptable price and the continual development of new tools at no extra cost make a no-brainer joining OddsMonkey for matched bettors that are looking to maximize their profits.

How much does OddsMonkey cost?

Premium membership cost just £15 per month or £150 per year, including access to all premium tools and content. You can signup here: OddsMonkey Signup

OddsMonkey Strengths and Weaknesses


Excellent matched betting tools
Competitive price
Best customer service


Fewer offers than Profit Accumulator
Fewer video tutorials than Profit Accumulator