Price Boosts or Enhanced Odds happen any time when a bookmaker increases the price of a specific betting selection, betting event or an entire betting market.

Whenever you can lay that same bet at lower odds on a betting exchange, you can guarantee yourself a profit regardless of the result.

For example a bookmaker could boost the odds of a horse to win a race or of a football team to win a match from 2.50 to 3.50. If at that time, the same horse or team is available to lay on a betting exchange for 3.00, on a £50 bet you could make up to £7.50 in guaranteed profit (depending on your betting exchange commission).

Matched Betting Price Boost

You can also decide to underlay or overlay the betting selection to maximize the return towards your expected outcome.

Bookmaker odds increases effectively create arbitrage opportunities, but while bookmakers normally deter players to bet on arbs, in this case bookmakers increase the odds to encourage players to place their bets on a specific selection or event as part of a promotional strategy to keep player betting or as a way to balance the book on that betting market.

Price boosts offers have the potential to add a lot of value to your bets when used correctly. However while the opportunity exists, it’s not always as easy as it sounds as bookmakers quite often offer these increased odds on markets that are not available on betting exchanges or on selections that were priced very low to start with, so that even after taking the price boost in consideration, you won’t be able to lay them off on an exchange for a profit.

If you concentrate on specific betting events that you are familiar with, when you search the market for matches for other types of bookmaker offers like money back free bets, you can easily spot some enhanced odds opportunities.

Watch out for the minimum and maximum allowed bet amounts and for time limits as bookmakers generally remove the enhanced odds as soon as they have reached whatever target they were aiming for. It's also worth to remember that winnings are often paid out in free bets rather than cash. has created a Daily Price Boosts page where we aggregate and update at regular intervals price boosts offers from all the major UK bookmakers. If you think we are missing some offers and/or would like to see other bookmakers listed, let us know in the comments.