The best video selection and largest forum in matched betting, let down only by a slightly higher price than OddsMonkey - The MB Team

What is Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator is the largest matched betting site in the UK. With over 20,000 active members, Profit Accumulator has single-handedly contributed to popularize matched betting outside the betting world and amongst students and stay-at-home mums.

How does Profit Accumulator describe itself?

The Biggest In The UK. We are the undisputed number one matched betting site in the UK, both in terms of the number of current users and the number of people we've helped along the way.

Profit Accumulator Guides


Beginners on Profit Accumulator can access almost 20 guides, including matched betting, lay betting, betting exchange, arbing, hedging, gubbing, mug betting and tutorials on how to use the premium tools on the website. Like OddsMonkey, beginners can extract around £45 in profits from two bookmaker sign up offers (Coral and BetFred at the time of writing).


On Profit Accumulator the free content alone can help a newbie go through the entire matched betting process, but premium members have exclusive access to offer tutorials and to even more matched betting tutorials. Just remember that matched betting tutorials on the website are found both under the training archive and the sections dedicated to offers.


This is where Profit Accumulator appears to excel as they offer a large selection of well produced videos covering most sportsbook sign up offers as well as tutorials to learn to use Profit Accumulator's own tools.

Profit Accumulator Tools


Profit Accumulator developed its own Oddsmatcher software in the last year after cutting ties with OddsMonkey. Profit Accumulator Oddsmatcher now compares odds from over 40 bookmakers and 4 betting exchanges for 7 sports, with filters for sports, markets, bookmakers, exchanges, ratings, odds and available liquidity.

The OddsMatcher Software


Profit Accumulator Calculator is a very simple matched betting calculator used to determine the laying stake and expected profit.

Advanced Calculators

Profit Accumulator has a page dedicated to advanced calculators that includes Matchbook, Spread Betting Qualifiers, Spreadex, Sporting Index, Fixabet.

Match Catcher

The Match Catcher is an advanced version of the Oddsmatcher to help users maximize their profits on horse racing refund offers.

Acca Catcher

The Acca Catcher finds the best football accumulators to use for acca insurance and refund offers. Just remember that matched betting tools recommending specific events and bets are effectively generating a footprint that could help bookmakers identify as matched bettors the players from the same community that place the exact same bets.


Profit Accumulator is currently beta testing a Dutching Calculator that finds the best matches between different bookmakers rather than a bookmaker and a betting exchange.

Eachway Catcher

The Eachway Catcher finds the best each-way bets with low qualifying losses to maximize profits from each way arbing, the process of backing a horse each way and then laying the win and place parts separately on a betting exchange.

Profit Tracker

The Profit Tracker allows members to record details of all the bets placed and calculate the profit they make from matched betting.

Offers Calendar

The Offers Calendar shows a list of all offers available on any given day and a selection of ongoing offers, helping users find matched betting opportunities with ease.

Please remember that most of these tools are not for newbies, but for more experienced matched bettors. Don’t expect to be able to use them without committing some time to become familiar with each of them. We recommend you test them using small stakes until you are comfortable that you completely understand what they do. These tools can then help you place regular bets in between promotions to maintain your betting accounts in a good status, but remember to avoid taking too many arbs or your account will be restricted even faster that if you just bet on promotions.

Profit Accumulator Offers

Sign up

Profit Accumulator have a list of over 70 sportsbook sign-up offers, each one with step-by-step instructions to take users through the matched betting process.


Profit Accumulator has well over 100 reload offers that users can sort alphabetically, by rating or expiry date.

Casino & Bingo

Profit Accumulator lists has around 60 casino offers alongside a dozen of bingo offers and even some poker ones.

The Offers Section
The Offers Section

Just remember that not all casino offers are profitable and only the ones with favorable wagering requirements are worth doing. Even then, there is typically no guarantee that a profit will be made as the variance involved will mean that on the same offer a player can end up losing his deposit and bonus while another wins a jackpot.

Profit Accumulator Forum and Customer Service

Profit Accumulator spots the UK's largest matched betting community and its Platinum Forum is likely to be the busiest matched betting forum online, where members both share tips and ask for advice.

The Profit Accumulator Forum
The Profit Accumulator Forum

Customer Service

Unlimited help and support from Profit Accumulator customer service is available via phone and email.

The Profit Accumulator Bottom Line

Whether you are just starting out or you are an experienced matched bettor, Profit Accumulator can save you a lot of time guiding you through each offer and technique start to finish.

How much does Profit Accumulator cost?

Joining Profit Accumulator Platinum cost £17.99 per month or £150 per year. It currently includes all premium tools and content, although Profit Accumulator previously charged extra for some of their advanced tools, so there is no guarantee that future ones will be included in the price.

Profit Accumulator Strengths and Weaknesses


Lots of free and beginner content
More offers
More video tutorials


Fewer tools than Odds Monkey
You need to log out to access the free content
More expensive

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